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Hello, I will be stepping down as NU tier leader effective immediately. I will be remaining as a moderator and member of the tiering council for the time being, but I will likely leave those positions at some point this year after Pokemon Home is released.

I believe it is important that our tier leaders are active, dedicated, and transparent. Meri Berry and Rabia demonstrate these qualities and are model NU community members. There was a time when I was able to meet this standard in NU as well, but that time has past and I refuse to become a part of the problem. While Smogon does not necessarily have a mechanism to enforce demotions based on activity or performance, I do not see it fair for me to remain as NU tier leader given this. I am taking this into my own hands by stepping down. I do still play the tier and care for the community, so I will remain as a member of the council and moderator for now. I intend to step away from them later this year, however.

I have been active in NU on Smogon since Week 2 of SPL VI, which took place in January of 2015. I was even active in Pokemon Online's NU tier dating back prior to Pokemon Showdown and my transition to Smogon. I have grown up as a member of this community and alongside many people who used to or even still do play NU, going from casual hobbyist to one of the faces of Smogon and going from high schooler to fully-fledged adult. I have made so many friends and hope you all know that I will still be present on discord and on here, but just not in the same capacity.

I was on the council from June 2016 through November 2015 and August 2017 through today. Between this and my stint on the OU council since 2016, it has been an honor and a pleasure to play such an impactful role in the community. I truly do love what I have been able to do on Smogon and the friends I have made on here mean the world to me. I plan on sticking around in OU, but I recognize that the end is closer than the start as life continues to get busier.

Thank you to everyone who has befriended me, worked alongside me, and made NU such a special place. This community never gets the praise and recognition it deserves as we have more formats than ever before, but it deserves it. So many amazing people have participated in NU over the years and many more are doing so now. I have full faith in Meri and Rabia to run the tier well moving forward as they have already been and I look forward to my last few months as a moderator and councilmen here.


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Thanks for everything you did for NU, while it’s sad to see such a staple leave, it’s understandable and I hope life treats you well. NU is definitely in capable hands and I‘m glad to work with such an amazing team. Hope you still stop by occasionally. ~ShwiftyShiftry (still in desperate need of a name change)


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thank u for everything u did for nu and Smogon in general, joined this community recently but I've been aware of everything you've been/still are involved with. thanks for being a welcoming face and a big part of what made nu enjoyable throughout the years.
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